How the Youth use The Social Network to Drive Social Change

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Today, we are living in a digital world, where technology and the Internet occupy an important place in our lives. Science keeps improving, and we are able to accomplish marvelous things through the use of the Internet, the biggest technological revolution to date. With the Internet revolution, social networks have become the most popular type of websites in the world. Hundreds of thousands of social networking websites exist today and boast hundreds of millions of members worldwide.
Technology makes it possible for global news and information to circulate rapidly on the Internet anywhere in the world. Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube is a powerful weapon which young people widely use to express their thoughts and ideas, and most importantly to drive social change. The Arab spring and the Occupy Wall Street movements are two illustrations of how powerfully the youth utilizes the Internet to drive social change.
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The success of the Arab Spring movement would not have certainly be possible without the help of Social media. The social networking websites, such as Facebook and Twitter were heavily used to organize protests and motivate the people to stand up and confront the oppressive regimes of Tunisia and Egypt. By posting announcements of new street protests and by inviting the population through Facebook and Twitter to follow their cause, the young Tunisians and Egyptians gathered a huge number of supports, which resulted in the fall of their presidents. Another social movement which has heavily relied on social media is the Occupy Wall Street movement. The occupy wall street movement started in September 2011. The movement spread out all over the united states and the number of protesters grew continuously during the following months. Those protesters, most of whom are young, marched at wall street to drive social change and demand cheaper education, the creation of more jobs, and to denounce the high social inequality. Numerous facebook pages were posed to support the movement along with countless YouTube and Livestream videos. Many people shared personal stories of job loss, poverty and helplessness on the blog We are the 99 percent. Their actions helped the cause gain a great number of supports and donations. The Arab revolution in Tunisia and Egypt and the Occupy Wall Street movements show how powerfully young people can use the Internet to drive social change.


3 thoughts on “How the Youth use The Social Network to Drive Social Change

  1. The effect of social media is amazing. Within seconds everyone can read the news and act. Arab Spring is a perfect example for the influence of social media and a signal that something has to be changed. Arab Spring may be a beautiful movement of young generation or a sign that chaos is taking over. Revolution is not always a good thing. America is one of a few examples where revolution improved lives of people after British left.
    However, Russia, Libya, and Egypt are examples which demonstrate that revolution is a chaos first of all where people get killed. Therefore, people who want revolution need to think about the consequences and understand that life will change dramatically after revolution.
    Another point i want to make is that every country is different and it is not wise to apply revolution approach of one country to another country.

  2. Politics was always a dirty game and it’s often used not for sake of the government nor its people. Media is used to describe the situation and most of the time it portrays something other than truth. Social media is a timeless window, that allows people to connect from different parts of the world. Share real stories and experiences. Creat movements and deliver messages that would not be on the mainstream media. You are right, it is a powerful weapon and I hope we as people use it to our advantage.

    It’s time to get out of our bubble and start thinking globaly. Internet and social networks can help us resolve issues abroad. People don’t realize the power they hold. Governments and systems would not exitst without people. We are the main resource of politics as well. So, to make influence in a possitive way, we need to listen to the right source.

  3. Social media is a huge thing. You pretty much can’t go anywhere in today’s world without being affected by it in some way or another. All you hear nowadays is look it up on youtube or google it. Technology is starting to run our lives.

    I wonder if technology was to go out how would people react. I wonder if people would know what to do and how to continue without it. You realize how much people are attached to social media when you go out anywhere. I can go walking down the mall and almost every other person on facebook, twitter or instagram.

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