Young People and their Addiction to the Internet and the Social Network


The most negative effect of the internet on young people is that they are all becoming addicted to the social network and the new technology. They all want the new technology: the Iphone, Ipad, Android. They all want to be members of the new social networking websites, or be informed of the new viral video on YouTube. Today, we have hundred of millions of teenagers that are members of Facebook, face addicttwitter, Skype, YouTube or Myspace. Those websites occupy an important place in their lives and specially in their hearts. Chatting and reconnecting with friends online, or posting pictures of us or of our memorable souvenirs is not a bad thing by itself; however, spending most our everyday lives doing the same routines behind computers is. Shouldn’t we limit the time we spend on those social networks? Teenagers and young adults are becoming more and more addicted to this lifestyle. They live in their own digital world with their virtual friends and people. They spend their time playing online games, where they have their virtual houses, cars, or boyfriends and girlfriends. This Internet addiction make them more and more distant from their family and real friends. If we keep up this pace, numerous teenagers would lose sense of reality. Young people are not controlling the Internet anymore; it is the Internet which logoutcontrols them now. When we abusively use the Internet and its social network, it affects our memory and focus, and it transforms the people into web addicts, specially teenagers.


7 thoughts on “Young People and their Addiction to the Internet and the Social Network

  1. I don’t see the negative on the need for new technology, because I have Iphones/Ipads, and I can’t imagine using anything else. But as far as the social networking aspect of this entry, I completely agree! It’s actually funny that you’re talking about this when we are in a class where we are required to have a Twitter and LinkedIn. If it was not an assignment, I would never sign up for these accounts on my own. People today feel the need to be connected 24/7 and I don’t really understand why. I don’t think people have anything to say that is so important that it needs to be broadcasted to the world. It’s also weird to me that people follow people who they don’t even know, talk to, or like. Social networks make it easier to keep in touch with friends and family, but they also keep people have having any original thoughts. It discourages people from thinking about things on their own because everyone is sharing ideas that have been copied from other people.

    • I totally agree with you. I have an Iphone and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s just amazing everything we can do today through those technologies; from reading magazines to watching the news or keeping in touch with family, even thousands miles away. The real issue here is the way we use those technologies. Instead of using smartphones or tablets to do important tasks, people spend 90% of their time chatting and posting pictures on Facebook, following celebrities on twitter, or tweeting about futile things. However, I think LinkedIn and Twitter have become important in the business world. LinkedIn is widely used by companies to recruit new talents, and since twitter have become popular, businesses use it to promote new products and build a good relationship with their customers. I believe that is why we were required to sign up to these two social networks.

  2. I strongly agree with all you have said. I personally have lived through that because there was a point where all I would do was to chat on Facebook or other sites. That had a terrible effect in my personal life, educational and work life. I know if you are not in any of this websites, you are different from others because everybody is on it.
    You can have facebook, twitter or any type of website; however, one self must learn to moderate the use of them. I like Facebook a lot, but they are times when all it does is problems. This is the way our world is going, and we must live a real life, n

  3. That’s the problem with today’s youth. It is a problem that young people in general have always had, and that problem is that they are ready to buy the hottest new product. It isn’t anything new since I think most people would have been using these devices anyway if they were around many years ago.

    But no matter, this is still a problem when you find out that not only are many young people so fascinated with the “terribly important” news that they absolutely have to know every 5 minutes, they also have nothing better to do. Someone can be so consumed with all the new electronic devices, that this all they are. It is crazy how such large, faceless corporations can just design anything they want and people will just eat it up.

    Those machines don’t have feelings, and have more stamina than any human begin. Everyone knows that machines aren’t human, yet they still bow before them and use them like there is no tomorrow. I know what it is like to be addicted to these machines and it is not an addiction worth having.

  4. This has been a problem ever since our new technology has been coming out. The internet and video game consoles have a lot to do with it. I remember when i was young, i would spent most of my time using these devices and hardly any doing anything else. With the way technology is advancing, it is becoming more addicting.

    I find it stupid how males would rather play videogames than hang out with their girlfriend. I’ve seen it happen so many times. If you want to keep your girlfriend, you have to keep her happy. If you don’t show interest in her, she will find someone who will. We all need to stop spending our leisure time doing worthless activities and spend them being productive to society.

  5. I couldn’t agree more with you. This is a huge problem. Another reason why it is so dangerous is because teenagers and especially children have sooo many sources of entertainment now online, and there is no motivation to learn anything anymore, rather just to stay occupied checking status updates and playing the latest video game. Kids are wasting time that could have been spent learning a new skill or reading and gaining knowledge. The worst part is they think there is nothing wrong at all. The biggest problem is by the time they are ready to go to college they either have learnt very little through high school or don’t know how to compete against those other kids who took that time learning. Even worse by the time they start working they will have very little opportunity because of the skills and knowledge they lack.

    Obviously not every kid who spends time online or playing video games is like this, and there are many who have motivation and know how and want to learn regardless. But this is a definite problem especially to children who don’t understand the significance of this. I used to spend a lot of time playing video games when I was younger, until I realized that it was a massive waste of time. I think the best thing parents can do is expose their children to the wonders of science and the world, especially nature, and to get them interested in learning new skills and ideas. If you show children that there is more to life than video games or the internet early on, even if they spend time online, they will realize in the end how much more to life there is, and will want to really live their lives off-line.

  6. I find this to be very true. I think back to my youth and I remember playing outside with my friends, playings sports, and riding my bike and reading. I got my pager at age fifteen, and didn’t get a cell phone till I was 20 and was paying for it myself. I have my social networks but for reasons that many of my friends don’t live close by and so I see their families grow through those. My kids are active for sure but also have a love for technology.

    My five year old son turned five this past September and got some birthday money. I couldn’t believe that when I asked what he wanted to use it on his answer was “a kindle fire” specifically. Once he got it I was blown away on how easy it was for him to work. My seven year old later got an ipad which he loves, but he have had to threaten to cut the wifi if they kept watching youtube game videos. The one who drives me crazy is my twelve year old daughter and instagram. It’s like every five minutes they are adding a picture. I couldn’t believe how happy I was that she lost her ipod last week just because I wouldn’t have to see more pictures being loaded. I have now limited them to electronics on weekends only, and limit to an hour at a time.

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